Poverty is one major problem posing challenges to the growth of Nigeria’s economy today, and the entire developing countries in general. In the past three years, over 5000 women and youth have benefited from our quarterly free skill empowerment workshop series on:

  • Cosmetology; Chemical Production E.g Liquid soap, Air fresheners, Shampoo, Insecticides.
  • Making of Pastries E.g Eggrolls, Cakes, Puff-puff, Chin-chin, Doughnuts, Small chops.
  • Fashion Design; Ankara Bags and Shoes, Bead Making.
  • Poultry and Fish Farming etc.

In the past two years, over 30 underprivileged women and young females have successfully graduated from series of our free enhanced skill training scheme (6 months free internship agreements) in:

  • Fish, Snail and Poultry Farming.
  • Fashion Design (Tailoring).
  • Graphics Design.
  • Computer Training etc.

Feedbacks and follow-up assessments show that at least 400 formerly underprivileged women and youth have successfully set up businesses and have gained financial stability. Some of whom now facilitate skill training workshop sessions and create openings for trainees for the internship program.

Two out of three of the program’s series annually are held across interior communities, empowering rural women with skills and start up grants to venture into businesses, based on personally perfected areas of training.