UTF dedicates day-1 to paying charity visits to various communities to show love! Hundreds of orphans, less privileged children and women are reached out to with food items to celebrate the season in each of the communities. In addition, our medical team offers free medical services to people (men and women) having varying health challenges, giving out items (drugs et al) with which stronger health states could be achieved amongst such persons.


Outreach To Orphans and Vulnerable Children:

UTF dedicates day-2 to paying charity visits to orphanage homes across the state, putting joy in the hearts of children and getting them carried away in the bliss of Christmas.

We throw in-house parties for kids in each of the homes, leaving behind Christmas gift packs and foods to celebrate the season.

Christmas Party

To round up our Christmas care project each year is a grand final party (day-3), where all children get to come out of their individual orphanage homes to have a great time with each other and officials of the foundation.