Education forms a basis for the development and improvement of living standards of the OVC in any economy. Lack of basic education and low levels of literacy of adults continue to inhibit development processes in every area, therefore the Foundation creates opportunities for OVC acquisition of formal knowledge in our bid to ensuring career relevance of such. Hundreds of orphans haven’t had to cry over the non-actuality of their dreams and academic pursuits; UTF took the burden.

We have a passion-driven long-term goal of taking less privileged children off the streets hustling at the expense of their destinies, and are confident that this strategy is a good head-on approach to effectively achieving this goal.

From 2006 till date, UTF has offered an excess of 116 OVC scholarships into primary and secondary schools in public and private (more private). All of which were enlisted having met the necessary academic requirements.

Furthermore, in addition to our annual scholarship scheme the Foundation frequently makes donations of school bags, school uniforms, school shoes, and writing materials to hundreds of orphans and underprivileged children in secondary schools across the state (Regular School Outreaches). This has helped enhance efforts for career development in adapting to the complexity of their environments.