Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation has a core objective to alleviate poverty through skill empowerment workshops to facilitate income generation activities amongstunderprivileged persons in society and integrate them to mainstream of society. Anexcess of 5000 persons have been empowered through the Foundation’s free skill empowerment workshops in the previous years. The numbers of those who were able to start up businesses through acquired knowledge from either of the training series and advanced internship school formed testimonials and a motivation for more lives to be imparted more immensely in the coming years.

It is true that a country cannot grow passed the strength of its manpower workability,hence in driving Nigeria and Africa to the forefront of socio-economic developmentglobally, baseline efforts as economic skill trainings have become imperative to the Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation; not only will people get to learn free skills for financial self dependence, skill training will become a vital basis for appraisals in career success.

As a subsidiary of the Building Dreams Initiative, the Building Dreams Academy is a
certified semester-based internship school. The academy runs a 3-6 months curriculum for 10 specialized courses, fully equipped with infrastructure, standard facilitators and subsidized such that students pay 15-20% of standard cost to acquire trainings in specified areas. Depending on nature of student background or disposition of funding partners/sponsors, some trainees are not required to pay a fee for enlistment.