Reach Out and Build Dreams of  Women and Children.
Educating and Caring for Underprivileged Women and Children so that they can be Productive and Fulfilled.
  • Address gender equality within community levels, conducting public enlightenment workshops on gender issues.
  • Improve human rights situation of women victims of gender based violence (GBV): Investigate, monitor, document and disseminate various forms of abuses and violation of the rights of women.
  • Combat domestic violence against children and promote child rights to education.
  • Offer community health services; provide free health care to OVC and underprivileged women across communities.
  • Alleviate Poverty through income generation activities (IGA) for women to enhance economic self-dependence.

Welcome To Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation

Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation, a non-governmental, non-profit making Women and Children initiative since 1999 has been dedicated to addressing issues and underlying causes of child right abuse (girl child molestation/vulnerability), sexual/gender based violence, inadequate access to fundamental facilities/child support for underprivileged children in the academia, child malnutrition, government marginalization/negligence in provision of rapid support for underprivileged victims of socio-political cum religious insurgencies and child casualties in unprecedented nature hazards (flooding et al)- through the extension of equal opportunities for access to justice, advocacy/dialogue for leveled performance landscapes for social/economic integration of underprivileged women/children relevance in society (through participation in rural activities/exercises), regular sensitization seminars, leadership skill training workshops, regular health care support and  OVC scholarship schemes.

The Foundation’s conventional programs go vast enough as to cover for the clothing, feeding, medical, economic, psychological, academic, financial and rehabilitative needs of our targets, to ascertain (97% by statistics) that they are productive and find fulfillment. We have paid multiple visits to interior villages and communities, refugee sites housing survivors of the Boko Haram northern genocide, camp grounds housing victims of the River Niger’s flooding disasters in the Niger Delta, with an estimated minimum of 11,000 beneficiaries per annum. This falls in line with the ICPD line of action in addressing interrelationships between population, sustained economic growth and sustainable development in giving high priority to meeting the needs, and increasing the opportunities for information, jobs, skill development and relevant productive health services, of all undeserved members of society.