Welcome To Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation.

Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation, a non-governmental, non-profit making Women and Children initiative since 1999 has been dedicated to addressing issues and underlying causes of child right abuse (girl child molestation/vulnerability), sexual/gender based violence, inadequate access to fundamental facilities/child support for underprivileged children in the academia, child malnutrition, government marginalization/negligence in provision of rapid support for underprivileged victims of socio-political cum religious insurgencies and child casualties in unprecedented nature hazards (flooding et al)- through the extension of equal opportunities for access to justice, advocacy/dialogue for leveled performance landscapes for social/economic integration of underprivileged women/children relevance in society (through participation in rural activities/exercises), regular sensitization seminars, leadership skill training workshops, regular health care support andĀ  OVC scholarship schemes.

Rehabilitative Care

Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation through its Psychological empowerment seminars and rehabilitative measures has been set to support women victims and survivor of gender based violence, enhance access to justice and disadvantaged women participation in the democratic process in their community development association.

Medical Intervention

UTF regularly makes medical donations to community health centers, in addition to conducting medical campaigns across communities in the state. Recent medical interventions around the region include:

Poverty AlleviationĀ 

In the past two years, over 30 underprivileged women and young females have successfully graduated from series of our free enhanced skill training scheme (6 months free internship agreements) in:

  • Fish, Snail and Poultry Farming.
  • Fashion Design (Tailoring).
  • Graphics Design.
  • Computer Training etc.